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Pink Silicone Mold


Swedish Pink Ribbon - Silicone Mold

For every piece sold, Koala Marketing Company AB (owner of the brand Omnia) will give 20 SEK (approx. €2) to "Bröstcancerförbundet"

The mold is the same as standard but in Pink color and comes in a box together with a recipe. 

Easy cleaning and a non stick solution

The silicone mold gives you a non-stick solution for your Omnia Stovetop Oven. It makes also the dishwashing easier, both due to size and less sticking. 

Temperature range: -30˚ C – + 260˚ C / -22˚ F – + 500˚ F.
Must not come into direct contact with naked flame. Use only in the Omnia food container.
Be careful with the heat, use according to the Omnia user’s manual.

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