Omnia Handle


Watch your fingers: Omnia Handle

The Omnia mould gets very hot. With this ingenious and practical grab handle, you can easily lift the Omnia mould from the stainless steel base without burning yourself. The food is ready!


Squeeze the pincers and insert them into the opening of the Omnia mould. Carefully lift the Omnia mould straight up.

Also fits Omnia Maxi Mould 3L and won’t damage an Omnia mould with non-stick coating.

IMPORTANT: Turn off the stove before use.


Can be used to easily lift and carry a hot Omnia mould. It’s suitable even for Omnia Maxi Mould 3L and Omnia Non-stick Mould.

Comes in a practical and robust bag.
Material: Electropolished stainless steel Ø 3.0 mm, quality SS 304. Grab handle made of black silicone
Weight: 150 g
Height: 230 mm
Item no.: 1115

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